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AITYS was birthed at a bus stop, using nothing but a single table in 2012, with the aim of providing basic medical care for villagers in the region of Uttarakhand.

Our medical camps now comprise multiple assistance counters in government school compounds, catering to more than 500 people each camp.

Common ailments include skin infections, digestion problems (owing to unfiltered groundwater and poor nutrition) and common conditions such as cough, cold and fever. Almost everybody experiences body aches attributing to daily walking on difficult mountain terrains and broken paths to earn a living. Children report low energy as families face difficulty in affording proper nutritious meals. For the aged, blurry eyesight and joint aches are the biggest problems.

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The care we provide includes: a health check-up by a physician, distribution of non-prescription medicines as well as blood pressure and sugar level tests.

Each camp is carefully planned, involving meticulous scheduling, procurement, coordination and logistics. Camps take place over several days, ensuring maximum benefit as due to the area’s rurality, many travel about 2-3 hours to reach the camps.

Sponsor the complete set up of one or multiple free medical camps
Fund/donate a predefined list of medications and supporting material. An estimate of 50,000 rupees is spent to provide medication for one medical camp
Sponsor the medical camp material along with logistics to transport the material to a pre-designated centre in Uttarakhand
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