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Access to hygiene, Right to privacy

Having a toilet not only increases the hygiene and safety of a man, but it also cultivates a sense of privacy and self-respect amongst them.


The students in many rural schools in Pauri Garhwal and Tehri Garhwal districts do not have access to clean and hygienic toilets. The condition of the toilets in these schools is beyond repair, and some schools don’t have access to toilets. As a result, kids go out relieving in the open, often in the bushes or on a roadside near a tree which leads to contamination of their food and water, causing sickness to them and their families, resulting in spending money on buying expensive medicines rather than making their basic ends meet. Because of this menacing problem, many kids drop out or don’t attend school often. It impacts their learning and growth and affects their emotional and social development.

The National School Sanitation Manual recommends one toilet per 40 girls and a female staff/ one urinal per 20 girls and one toilet plus urinal for 80 boys and one male staff/ one urinal per 20 boys.
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Our aim: #Toilet4All

'The Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ is a nationwide campaign by Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, which is #toilet4all. It aims to close all gaps and provide safe sanitation and sustainable development for all Indians. However, much work is necessary to strengthen the development of rural, remote schools as they do not have sufficient funding to provide safe and hygienic facilities. This has a huge impact on the safety and education of the children.

Estimate for building a toilet block for boys




Toiltes with doors






Shower area with door

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No child should be deprived of education due to poverty.
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