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Donate for underwear to ensure hygienic periods

The Problem

With much hesitation, a teacher informed an AITYS volunteer during our school visits about the need for underwear by most of the school children. Many girls do not even own one pair of underwear. The price of the underwear is high, which is considered a luxury they can do without. Now imagine the plight of these young girls during their periods?

When we ran a campaign called GIFT A PAD, GIFT A SMILE to provide sanitary napkins to the girls in the villages, it was brought to our attention that more than half the girls do not own the undergarments, which makes the use of sanitary napkins impossible.Thus, due to the lack of basic hygiene needs, girls are left to feel embarrassed and rejected by their peers at school. It greatly impacts their self-esteem. They have no choice but to skip school on the days they are menstruating.Hygiene and physical comfort are fundamental human needs. Children living in poverty often get financial support for food and school supplies, but one basic need that often goes overlooked is undergarments. Without this basic need met, often too embarrassed to go to school, girls lose interest in their education. In many cases, they even drop out of school.

Our Solution

Underwear is the most under-donated yet most needed item of clothing for the young girls. AITYS’s mission for this undergarment project is to serve 27 rural schools where each girl will get a new pack of 6 underwear to begin with. We need around 15L INR to support these 2500 children.

The Impact

Having access to a pair of underwear could bring the change which will build safe hygiene practices. It will help girls to use sanitary napkins and not miss school days. AITYS endeavor is to provide education on menstruation and hygiene practices and remove the stigma surrounding this issue amongst girls in the rural areas.

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No child should be deprived of education due to poverty.
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